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We support your network and PC’s, but we believe it’s the applications running on those PC’s that really matter. As such, we have crafted software packages that meet our clients’ specific needs and scripted custom spreadsheets that take the manual effort out of the process.

When you hire Tensor IT, you will benefit from a pool of talented software developers who are focused on a return for your investment. We want to help make your computers work for you, and provide you with the customized software support that can take your business information systems to the next level.

We have deployed technologies from RFID scanners and mobile barcode scanners, to touch screen kiosks and smart phone apps, and helped our customers become proactive in their approach to information systems. Put our team to work for you and let us help you find ways to save money, save time and realize a return on your investment.

Check out our Software Portal to view a demo of some of the systems we provide.

"It’s amazing to have an expert resource to design custom software locally at such a reasonable price."
Shred Aware

"We at NCF are finally in the hands of professional technicians and I have all the confidence that we picked the best team for our company."
North Coast Fabricators

"I have already recommended this system to several other companies in the area due to the success and adaptability of this system in our company."
Wing Inflatables

"They have fixed numerous issues that have plagued us for months. They are very responsive and highly skilled. I recommend this service to any business of any size."
Humboldt Wholesale

"I highly recommend Tensor IT for ANY local business who values the technology and security of their computer systems."
Eureka Payments

"They were able to write a program for me to track and monitor our cooperage at any given stop, helping to reduce loss and increase our keg returns by 25% the first year."
Lost Coast Brewery

"Tensor IT provides fast, efficient, and cost-effective IT support by really nice people."
Big Brothers Big Sisters

"It’s comforting to know that I can focus on my business and not have to worry about computers, routers and internet connection."
Mantova’s Two Street Music

"I HIGHLY recommend Tensor IT to anyone with a computing need of any kind. They are the best I have ever done business with."
Antich Automotive